MaxPro Maximus Pumps finally arrive at Cal Ponds!

Cal Ponds and Water Gardens becomes Premiere Authorized USA Retailer for MaxPro Maximus Pumps

“We pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge when it comes to the Koi pond and water garden supply niche market,” says Daniel Rosas, Product Acquisition Specialist for Cal Ponds. “And when a quality product – like MaxPro Pumps allows us an opportunity to offer even greater value to our customers, we are both humbled and excited by the opportunity.”


MaxPro Maximus Low RPM Pumps at Cal Ponds

MaxPro Pond Pumps are manufactured in the USA and designed for use in both residential and commercial applications. “MaxPro Pumps are the perfect choice for any backyard Koi pond,” says Rosas. “And whisper quiet operation is only the beginning when it comes to the MaxPro Maximus Series.” Engineered for outdoor use, MaxPro Maximus External Pond Pumps feature proprietary low RPM motors for maximum energy savings. And like all MaxPro models, Maximus Pumps are covered by an iron-clad 3 year MaxPro Plus Service Warranty – the most customer-centric warranty policy in the industry today.

In the unlikely a warranty issue is experienced with any MaxPro Pumps product, customers do not need to contact the manufacturer directly. Authorized MaxPro Pumps Retailers are fully empowered to issue return authorizations to their end-customers without requesting permission from the manufacturer. This enables customers to get their ponds back up and running in the most expedient manner possible. “This empowerment also brings with it added responsibility” says Rosas. “Authorized MaxPro Retailers are considered to be the best of the best in the industry and expected to provide exceptional service – especially after the sale.” MaxPro Pumps was very selective when choosing their retail sales partners, Rosas states. “And Cal Ponds feels extremely fortunate to have been chosen among the elite.”

Maximus Series Pumps serve as the flagship series within the MaxPro Pumps lineup. Billed as the quietest external pond pumps in the industry today, MaxPro Maximus Pumps surpassed expectations when bench-tested by Cal Ponds. “Outstanding flow rates, low energy consumption, and whisper quiet operation,” Rosas says. “Maximus Pond Pumps deliver exceptional value.”

Max Ponds offers the complete line of MaxPro Pumps products listed below:

  • MaxPro Maximus Low RPM Series External Pond Pumps
  • MaxPro Maximus High Flow Series External Pond Pumps
  • MaxPro Maximus High Flow Eco Series External Pond Pumps
  • MaxPro Maximus 2 Speed Series External Pond Pumps
  • MaxPro Maximus Variable Speed Series Pond Pumps
  • MaxPro Legend Low RPM Series External Pond Pumps
  • MaxPro Hercules High Flow Series External Pond Pumps
  • MaxPro Goliath Low RPM Series External Pond Pumps
  • MaxPro Goliath High Head Series External Pond Pumps
  • MaxPro Hero Pro Series Stainless Steel Submersible Pond Pumps
  • MaxPro Hero Eco Series Stainless Steel Submersible Pond Pumps
  • MaxPro Professional Pond Bead Filter Systems
  • MaxPro Stainless Steel Ultraviolet Clarifiers
  • MaxPro Legend Series Professional Complete Pond Filter Packages
  •  MaxPro Hercules Series Professional Complete Pond Filter Packages
  • MaxPro Maximus Series Professional Complete Pond Filter Packages

California Ponds and Water Gardens – commonly known as Cal Ponds offers, an Authorized MaxPro Pumps Retailer offers the complete line of MaxPro products. In addition to a complete line of external pumps, Cal Ponds also offers Maxpro Stainless Steel Submersible Pumps, MaxPro Professional Bead Filter Systems, and the complete line of MaxPro professional pond filter packages.

Learn More

Learn more about quality MaxPro pond products at Cal Ponds at You may also contact Cal Ponds, a Division of Legendary Sale Discount Superstores via phone during normal business hours at (213) 986-4396.

About Cal Ponds

California Ponds and Water Gardens is a leading online retailer of specialty Koi pond and water garden supplies. Offering over 5,000 products from literally dozens of cutting-edge manufacturers, Cal Ponds commonly offers free pond design help and unbeatable savings to private hobbyists and professional pond builders around the globe.

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2015 San Diego Koi Show Event Photos by Cal Ponds

Cal Ponds, a leading online retailer of quality Koi pond supplies and water garden products was proud to attend the 2015 San Diego Koi Show, assisting our friends from Pond Leader and Elite Pumps in their vendor booth during this great event for any Koi hobbyist.  Special thanks to our loyal customers, friends, and colleagues for stopping by to say hello.  We enjoyed meeting all of you and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.

If you enjoy this photo gallery, please like Cal Ponds on Facebook.

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AlphaONE Filter or Genesis Bead Filter – Which Pond Filter is Right for your Pond?

AlphaONE Filter vs. Genesis Filter

AlphaONE Filter vs. Genesis Filter

If you have been doing research on pressurized bead filters for your Koi pond, chances are you have come to realize that two bead filters on the market stand above the rest. The AlphaONE Filter by GCTek and the Genesis Filter from Elite Pumps, are often regarded as the “Lamborghini and Ferrari of the pond filtration industry” by experienced pond builders worldwide. These top quality pond filtration systems are renowned for offering superior performance while requiring significantly less maintenance time than competitor pond filters. This article is intended to provide pond owners a high-level comparison of some of the key features distinguishing these filters to help them make an informed purchasing decision.


Genesis Bead Filters are manufactured by Elite Pumps, based in Redlands, California. AlphaONE Filters are manufactured by Oklahoma-based Grand Champion Technologies, commonly known as GCTek. In addition to AlphaONE line of filters, Gary Cryer, President of GCTek, also designed the best-selling line of AquaBead Filters.  An innovator and and a visionary, Cryer is also widely recognized as a leading industry expert when it comes to Koi pond filtration.

Maximum Pond Size:

Four models are available in the AlphaONE series of filters, providing complete biological and mechanical filtration for ponds up to 25,000 gallons.  An enhanced version, known as the AlphaONE X2, is also available.  Formerly known as the Medusa Filter, this world-class system allows the pond owner to achieve substantially higher flow rates than is possible with traditional bead filter systems on the market.  Elite Genesis Filters are available in four models as well, designed to deliver exceptional water quality for highly stocked ponds up to 26,000 gallons. For extremely large Koi ponds, commercial fish farms, and aquaculture applications, many customers choose to install multiple filters.

Pre-Filter Recommendations:

Because Genesis Bead Filters do such an amazing job at both mechanical and biological filtration, the manufacturer does not believe a pre-filter is necessary for most ponds. If you wish to add a pre-filter to your Genesis Filter, a low-head settling chamber or sieve is recommended.  AlphaONE Pond Filters also function extremely well as stand-alone filters and do not generally require a pre-filter. If a pre-filter is desired; however, GCTek recommends the Vortek SS Delux, a fines removal filter specifically engineered for use with AlphaONE Filters and other high-end bead filtration systems.

Bio Media:

The Genesis Bead Filtration System utilizes a proprietary Genesis bio media, which is not offered with any other filter on the market. This media is not sold separately and is included with the purchase of any Genesis Filter. Thanks to its unique design, Genesis bio media provides exceptional mechanical filtration and fines removal while also providing maximum surface area for beneficial bacteria growth. Genesis filter media also resists channeling.  AlphaONE Filters utilize proprietary AlphaONE bio media. This unique filter is provides exceptional mechanical filtration while also providing high surface area for beneficial bacteria growth. Thanks to its unique shape, AlphaONE media produces less head resistance than comparable filter media types on the market, allowing for high flow rates.  AlphaONE bio-media was specifically chosen to help provide superior biological filtration for highly stocked Koi ponds.

Clear Dome Lid:

Both Genesis Filters and AlphaONE Filters feature true clear dome lids, which allow the pond owner to easily see the bio-media in action while the filter is in use.  This ability to view inside the filter also aids during the backwash and maintenance process.

Media Agitator:

Genesis Filters have always featured a powerful 2 HP air blower, which serves a media agitator during backwash.  Previous versions of the AlphaONE Filter featured a 1.5 HP blower, but as of 2014 AlphaONE Filters also come standard with a 2 HP blower.  Genesis and AlphaONE Filters are the only professional bead filters available thru dealers today offered with 2 HP blowers.

Head Pressure:

AlphaONE Bead Filters and Genesis Systems produce comparable levels of total dynamic head, and both of these filters can be used with today’s energy efficient pumps.  Both systems produce between 5’ and 8’ total dynamic head (TDH) depending on the model selected.  AlphaONE Low Head Filters are also available.  These upgraded systems were designed to allow the pond owner to achieve identical flow rates while using a much smaller pump, reducing ongoing energy costs.  Due to low market demand, Genesis Filters are not currently offered in low head versions.

Pump Recommendations:

For maximum performance and energy savings, Genesis Filters and AlphaONE Filters are designed for use with today’s energy efficient low RPM pumps.  Genesis Filters are recommended for use with Elite Primer Pro Series Pumps or Elite Primer Pro 2 Series Pumps, respectively.  Meanwhile, AlphaONE Filters are recommended to be used in tandem with a WunderFlo Pump.  These pumps were specifically engineered to provide exceptional performance with these systems.  Another popular pump for use with any pressurized bead filter system on the market is Performance Pro Artesian2 Pumps.


To ensure optimal water quality, it is recommended that both Genesis and AlphaONE Filters be backwashed on a regular basis. In general, it is recommended to perform routine maintenance on a weekly basis. The actual maintenance process for both filter systems takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

Available Upgrades:

AlphaONE Filters are available in low head versions, which feature a special LH multihead port unit.  This feature allows the pond owner to achieve high flow rates while using a much smaller, more energy efficient pump.  The AlphaONE X2 Filter is also available, which is designed for ponds up to 25,000 gallons.
Available Complete Systems:

Genesis Filters are featured in economically priced Genesis Pond Packs and Genesis All-In-One Systems.  Genesis Pond Packs include Genesis Filter, Elite Pump, and durable stainless steel UV clarifier for a discounted price.  For those interested in a turnkey solution, Genesis All-In-One Systems are also available.  These complete koi pond filtration systems include a Genesis Filter, energy saving external pump and stainless steel Zapp Pure UV Sterilizer all pre-plumbed and mounted on durable all-weather pad.  AlphaONE Filters are available as part of both AlphaONE Plus Systems and Mashimizu Systems, which an AlphaONE Filter, Pentair Pump, and similar stainless steel Zapp UV, which is regarded among the best ultraviolet clarifiers on the market today. The word Mashimizu means “clear water” in Japan. Mashimizu Filters are extremely popular and highly among experienced koi keepers, and include an AlphaONE Filter, WunderFlo Pump, Vortek SS Delux Pre-Filter, and Zapp Pure UV Clarifier all pre-plumbed and ready to quick setup.


Both Genesis Filters and AlphaONE pond filtration are covered by a limited lifetime warranty against defects. Elite Pumps also offers an unconditional satisfaction guarantee on all Genesis Bead Filters. This means you can purchase a Genesis Filter, install it on your pond and use it for up to a full calendar year with zero risk. If you are not 100% satisfied, you may return your Genesis Filter for a complete refund less original shipping cost paid by the respective dealer.  No other pond filter available thru dealers on the market today offers this iron clad guarantee of quality.

Shipping Cost:

Free shipping is often offered by dealers for both AlphaONE Filters and Genesis Filters within the contiguous USA (lower 48 states).

Where to Buy:

Pond Leader, a leading nationwide pond supplies retailer is your source for guaranteed best pricing and service on both GCTek AlphaONE Filters and Elite Pumps Genesis Filters.  Our team offers extensive hands-on experience and knowledge working with these professional-grade pond filtration systems and can answer any questions you may have.  Also, be sure to ask us about our current exclusive promotions and discount offers.

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When it comes to quality pond supplies, you get what you pay for.

Used car saleman tactics used by some pond supply retailers

Unable to compete, some failing pond supply retailers have resorted to some truly desperate measures to try to stay afloat.

There are literally thousands of specialty pond and water garden products on the market today offered from different manufacturers that are, in fact, produced from the same factory overseas or right here in the USA.  This practice is not uncommon and actually occurs quite often across multiple industries. This applies to pond water treatments (including algaecides), fish food, and pond equipment such as pumps, UV clarifiers and filters.  Some manufacturers are very protective of their branding and care greatly about how their products are marketed.  Many top tier manufacturers with established national brand names are very selective when it comes to choosing wholesale distributors and authorized dealers for their products.  This is especially true when it comes to the online marketplace, where many retailers lack sufficient resources to provide acceptable levels of customer service.

Imagine if it were somehow possible to purchase a vehicle wholesale direct from a Porche factory without the “Porche” label.  Chances are this non-branded vehicle could be had for a significantly lower price than a genuine Porche while still possessing some of the same characteristics commonly associated with purchasing an actual Porche.  For example, this non-branded vehicle could still be marketed to the public as offering “high performance” or being “reliable.”  But in the end, this non-branded vehicle would NOT be a Porche and therefore Porche would not be obligated to support it.  Much of the real value in purchasing a branded product actually occurs AFTER the sale.  This is true whether you are purchasing an automobile, an iPhone, or a specialty product for your backyard fish pond or ornamental water garden.

Cal Ponds is proud to rank among nationwide sales leaders for some of the leading pond and water garden product manufacturers in the world today.  Our annual sales levels for many of the products we offer literally dwarfs those of our competitors, and as you might expect, they are not too happy about our success.  And realizing they are ill-equipped to compete with us on a level playing field, a few small-time local dealers have been reduced to some truly desperate measures.  Just as you would be understandably leery if a used car salesman were to try to convince you that a non-branded vehicle sitting in their lot were somehow superior to a genuine Porche, you should also be cautious whenever a small-time pond supply merchant tries to convince you that product XYZ is just as good as the well-known branded product which is used and trusted by thousands of customers nationwide.

You have probably heard before that if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.  And when a dealer is unable to acquire a popular national brand of products, his only available course of action is to try to somehow discredit the brand.  If someone tried to convince you that it was possible to purchase a vehicle that was “just as good” as a genuine new Porche for the price of a used Hyundai, chances are you would not believe it.  And you shouldn’t, because it defies logic.  Unfortunately, in the real world quality is not always cheap.  And just as it makes sense to do your homework before purchasing an automobile, it also pays to do a bit of research before choosing equipment for your Koi pond or commercial water feature.

There is no smoke and mirrors behind our success.  Cal Ponds is honored to represent the very best national brands in the industry today, companies that are not only renowned for producing top quality products but also well known for their willingness to stand behind their products long after the sale.  Our massive inventory of quality Koi pond supplies and specialty water garden products is literally the biggest you will find on the Web.  And if budget is an issue, we also offer many of the same “discount” branded products offered by some of our competitors.  Where we differ from our failing competitors; however, is we choose not to knowingly misrepresent the quality of these no-name products as having the same quality as nationally branded products which have already withstood the test of time.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to serving your pond and water garden supply needs in the future.  Happy ponding from your friends at Cal Ponds.

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OASE Pondovac 4 Pond Vacuum returns to Cal Ponds!

Popular OASE Pondovac 4 Koi Pond Vacuum and other OASE products once again available at Cal Ponds

OASE Pondovac 4 available now at Cal Ponds

California Ponds and Water Gardens – commonly known as Cal Ponds, a popular online retailer of quality pond supplies and specialty water garden products consistently ranks among nationwide sales leaders for several well-known product lines.   After much anticipation, Cal Ponds is proud to announce they will once again be offering amazing deals on OASE Pondovac 4 pond vacuum as well as other popular OASE water garden products to customers nationwide. 

“The OASE Pondovac 4 is widely regarded as the very best pond vacuum on the market,” says Henry Aguirre, Product Specialist for Cal Ponds.  “And we were extremely excited when we heard the news that we would once again be given an opportunity to offer this revolutionary product to our growing customer base.”  No strangers to the OASE product line, Cal Ponds actually ranked among nationwide sales leaders for OASE from 2010 thru 2013.  “Due to a variety of factors, we were previously unable to offer the OASE product line in 2014,” says Aguirre.  “But when this opportunity presented itself to us it felt as if the clouds had finally parted and the sun came out again.”

Many pond owners residing in colder climates close down their ponds for the winter.  And when spring arrives they commonly use a vacuum to remove leaves and other waste from their pond floor.  If this debris was not removed, poor water quality could ultimately result in fish losses.  “Many of our customers spend a significant amount of money for the Koi fish swimming in their ponds,” says Aguirre.  “So maintaining a healthy ecosystem is extremely important.”  And just like any other project, cleaning your pond requires the appropriate tool.  

Unlike other pond vacuums on the market, the OASE Pondovac 4 features a patented dual chamber design.  “This dual chamber provides for continuous suction,” says Aguirre.  “This means you can clean your pond in literally half the time required with other vacuums.”  Much more than a typical wet-dry vacuum, the PV4 pond and water garden vacuum features a powerful 1800 watt motor and comes with a wide assortment of attachment nozzles.  “Many of our customers are actually pond servicing companies,” Aguirre states.  “And these customers use the Pondovac 4 to clean Koi ponds, fountains, and water gardens of all sizes for their clients.”   

The OASE Pondovac 4 koi pond vacuum offers a maximum cleaning depth of 12 feet, which greatly exceeds the maximum depth of competitor pond vacuums available.  This unmatched performance makes the Pondovac 4 an ideal choice for not only ponds and water gardens, but for swimming pools and large commercial water features as well.  A testament to their quality, each unit sold by Cal Ponds is also covered by a 3 year warranty.  “A warranty only has value if the company actually stands behind it,” Aguirre states. “And OASE has shown us they stand behind their products by quickly responding to any issues brought to their attention.”

Other popular OASE products include BioTec Ultraviolet Clarifiers, FiltoClear Filters, and BioTec pond filters.  “OASE produces some of the highest quality products in our industry today,” says Aguirre.  “And we are honored to offer the complete line of OASE specialty pond and water gardening products available to customers in the USA.”  A division of EBD Shops, one of North America’s fastest growing home and garden product online retailers, Cal Ponds proudly offers the complete line of quality OASE pond and water garden supplies.    

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Elite Genesis Pond Filters Available Exclusively at Cal Ponds

Elite Genesis Pond Filter

Elite Genesis Filters are now available at Cal Ponds

California Ponds and Water Gardens proudly becomes the first authorized retailer of Elite Genesis Filters in North America. Manufactured by Elite Pumps, the Genesis line of pressurized bead filters were specifically engineered to deliver superior value and performance compared to competitor pond filters on the market.

“Not all pressurized bead filters were created equal,” says Harry Augsburger, Product Specialist for Cal Ponds. “And the pond filtration experts at Elite Pumps worked diligently to produce a Koi pond filtration system which we believe exceeds the high expectations of quality our customers deserve.”

Cal Ponds previously served as the only stocking dealers in the contiguous USA for Advantage Bead Filters, a line of bead filters designed and manufactured by Sacramento Koi. “When our friends at Sacramento Koi announced they would be dropping their entire dealer network before the 2014 season we quickly recognized the need to provide an even higher quality product line to our customers in order to maintain our competitive edge in the industry,” Augsburger states. “And we believe the Genesis delivers all of this and more.”

“The Advantage Filter was only available in three models with the largest model being designed for ponds up to 15,000 gallons,” states Augsburger. “This was a huge limitation for some of our customers with larger ponds who were often resistant to purchase multiple filters.” In contrast, Genesis Pond Filters are offered in four models with the largest, Genesis 26 Filter being designed for highly stocked Koi ponds and aquaculture applications up to 26,000 gallons.

The proprietary Genesis bio-media used in all Genesis Filtration Systems was designed to provide exceptional biological and mechanical filtration. Unlike tubular media used in many bead filters on the market, which are prone to tunneling, Genesis bio-media was designed to provide maximum surface area for beneficial bacteria growth while also delivering unmatched fines removal. “Gin clear water can truly be achieved with the Genesis Filter,” says Augsburger. “We have seen it for ourselves.”

Another major upgrade for the Genesis Filter is a powerful two horsepower air blower, which helps to quickly remove fish waste and other pond debris during backwash. “Many bead filters on the market – including the popular Aqua Ultima II Filter – are not offered with an air blower at all,” Augsburger says. “The air blower included with the Genesis Filter is the strongest media agitator offered with any koi pond filter system on the market today.”

The heavy duty tanks featured on Genesis Filters are also a major enhancement over inferior filter systems on the market. “Genesis Filter tanks are constructed of dual-layered fiberglass,” says Augsburger. “Having a thicker, stronger tank can be critically important to pond owners in colder climates, as freezing temperatures can actually cause lower quality tanks to crack.”
“Genesis Filters offer all the bells and whistles of other premium quality filters on the market without the premium price,” Augsburger states. All Genesis Filter models feature a clear 8-inch dome lid, which allows you to view the filter media while in use. “This is a huge upgrade over the 6-inch faux-clear yellow lids offered on competitor filters, which can be quite difficult to actually see through once a pond has been cycling for a while.”

A clear sight glass also comes standard with all Genesis models. This sight glass allows the pond owner to easily see the water as it exits the filter tank during backwash. “Once the water is clear, the filter is clean and you go back to enjoying your pond,” says Augsburger. Genesis Filters were also designed to be extremely simple to maintain. “Average maintenance time required is less than 5 minutes per week,” Augsburger states. “And best of all, this process does not require the pond owner to get dirty or ever come into direct contact with the filter media itself.”

California Ponds and Water Gardens, a division of EBD Shops, offers the largest selection of pond supplies and water garden products on the Web at guaranteed lowest prices.

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External Pond Pumps: Choosing the Best Pump for your Pond

A side-by-side comparison of the world’s leading external water pumps for outdoor fish ponds

External pond pumps on sale now at

External pond pumps on sale now at

Which pond pump is the best?  This is one of the questions we receive most often from our customers.  The answer to this question is not a simple one.  There are two basic types of pumps commonly used in outdoor fish ponds and water gardens.  These include submersible pumps and external pumps.

Submersible pond pumps are designed to be placed in the water.  These types of pumps are extremely popular for use in planted water gardens and Aquascape style ponds.  These pumps are easy to install and since they are hidden within the pond itself, they are also easy to hide.

External pond pumps, on the other hand, are not designed to operate submerged and must be installed in-line outside of the water. The ideal choice for medium and high head applications, external water circulation pumps are commonly used in formal Koi ponds and with pressurized bead filters.

When it comes to external pumps, there are three brands which are generally considered to be best available for use in residential ponds.   These brands include Elite Pumps, PerformancePro Pumps, and Sequence Pumps.  The purpose of this article is to provide a side-by-side comparison of these pumps in order to help consumers make an informed purchasing decision.

Low / Medium Head External Pumps

These pumps are ideal for backyard Koi ponds and water gardens up to 4,000 gallons.  These pumps are not recommended for high head applications, including ponds with extremely large waterfalls and those with pressurized bead filters installed.

Comparison: Best-Selling Low / Medium Head External Pumps


Elite Pumps

Sequence Pumps

PerformancePro Pumps


800 Series Pumps

750 Series Pumps

Cascade Series Low RPM Pumps


1/12, 1/10, 1/15


1/8, 1/4

Maximum Watts

147 – 248

139 – 160

123 – 320

Maximum Head




GPH @ 5’

3,600 – 5,600

2,500 – 2,800

2,200 – 4,944

Inlet / Outlet

2” / 2”

2” / 1.5

2” / 2”

Cord Length



8’ (Additional Charge)


115 Only

115 Only


Maximum Flow





3 Years

3 Years

3 Years

Priming Pot


Sold Separately

Sold Separately


$309.95 – $339.95

$330.65 – $341.70

$377.15 – $472.15


Energy Saving / High Flow Self-Priming External Pumps

These pumps feature a built-in priming pot / algae trap, making them ideal for above-water installations. Offering superior flow rates at higher head pressures, these external pumps offer exceptional flow rates and are the perfect choice for use with pressurized bead filters.

Comparison: Best-Selling Energy Saving Self-Priming External Pumps


Elite Pumps

PerformancePro Pumps

PerformancePro Pumps


Elite Primer Pro Series Pumps

Artesian2 High Flow Series Pumps

Artesian2 Low RPM Series Pumps


¼ – 3/4

¾ – 3

1/8 – 1/2

Maximum Watts

303 – 795

1270 – 3100

202 – 630

Maximum Head




GPH @ 5’

5,250 – 9,600

8,880 – 14,040

3,900 – 7,800

Inlet / Outlet

2” / 2”

2” / 2”

2” / 2”

Cord Length

15’ Included

8’ (Additional Charge)

8’ (Additional Charge)


115 / 230

115 /  230

115 / 230

Maximum Flow



7,560 GPH


3 Years

3 Years

3 Years

Priming Pot





$599.95 – $799.95

$637.45 – $921.50

$626.05 – $765.70


Elite Pumps

Elite 800 Series Pumps are the best-selling version of Elite Pumps designed for use in backyard fish ponds.  These durable energy efficient pumps are ideal for low to medium head applications and offer unmatched energy savings.   Featuring a compact design, these pumps were specifically engineered to provide higher flow rates at higher head pressures than competitor pumps on the market offered at significantly higher price points.  An extra-long 15’ power cord with molded plug and 2” quick-connect unions are included, helping to facilitate easy installation.  To maximize value and ensure a long useful life, a 6” free priming pot / algae trap is also included free of charge.  Covered by a three year limited warranty against manufacturer defects, Elite 800 Pumps rank among the best-selling pumps nationwide and are guaranteed to provide years of reliable use.    The Elite Platinum 800 Series of Pumps are covered by a 4 year warranty, the longest warranty offered in the industry today.  Elite Primer Pro Series Pumps are energy efficient self-priming pumps designed specifically for use in outdoor fish ponds and ideal for a wide variety of aquaculture applications.

Sequence Pumps

Sequence 750 Series Pumps rank among the most popular external pumps designed for use in outdoor water features.  These compact, energy saving pumps offer a solid reputation of performance that is difficult to match.  Covered by a three year warranty, these durable water circulation pumps are commonly used with Nexus Eazy Filters and other low head pond filter systems.  There are two models available in the Sequence 750 Series, offering a maximum flow rate of 3,600 and 4,200 gallons per hour, respectively.  To help maximize performance and protect the pump motor from damage caused by rocks and other debris, an optional priming pot / algae trap is recommended (sold separately).   Backed by a solid reputation for quality, Sequence Pumps are also covered by a three year limited warranty.

PerformancePro Pumps

PerformancePro Artesian2 Pumps are commonly recommended by professional pond builders and experienced hobbyists alike.  A testament to their superior quality, it is not uncommon for many PerformancePro Pumps to provide over 6 years of continuous use before requiring servicing.  Designed by one of the world’s leading manufacturers of specialty water circulation pumps, the Artesian2 improves upon the classic series of Artesian Pumps.  Artesian2 Pumps are self-priming pumps and available in three variations, including Low RPM, High Head, and High Flow.  High Head Artesian2 Pumps are ideal for extremely large water falls and commercial water features.  If your goal is to achieve unrivaled flow rates, High Flow Artesian2 Pumps deliver outstanding results.   And for those interested in achieving high flow rates while minimizing costs on their monthly energy bill, Low RPM Artesian2 Pumps provide exceptional value.  Featuring energy efficient motors, these low RPM pumps offer big pump performance with little pump energy costs.  PerformancePro Pumps are covered by a three year warranty.

California Ponds and Water Gardens, the official retail showroom of EBD Shops, offers guaranteed best prices and service on external pond pumps from today’s leading manufacturers.  If you would like free expert assistance choosing the right pump for your specific needs, contact the pond experts today at  Our experienced and friendly team of pond professional pond builders would love to hear from you.  Save on everything for your backyard pond or water garden at Cal Ponds, the leading online source for quality pond supplies and water garden products.  Visit their newly revamped website at

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Cal Ponds offers professional pond services, pond construction and pond cleanouts

Cal Ponds offers pond services

Cal Ponds offers pond services throughout Southern California

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CALIFORNIA – California Ponds and Water Gardens, a leading pond supply retailer, announces they will begin offering affordable onsite pond maintenance services to customers throughout Southern California.  “We have received countless requests from our customers over the past few years asking us to help build their pond or to help keep their existing pond clean and healthy,” says Gabriela Santiago, Operations Manager for Cal Ponds.  “This expansion into professional pond maintenance has been a long time coming.”

Koi ponds and water gardens have experienced a huge growth in popularity in recent years.  Strange as it may seem, Cal Ponds believes much of this growth is actually attributed to a still recovering economy.  “Many home owners are choosing to travel less in order to save money,” says Santiago.  “And fortunately for us, many of these pond owners are choosing to add a backyard water feature in an attempt to create a private vacation spot in the privacy of their own backyard.”  While many new pond owners decide the go the do-it-yourself route, building a pond entirely on their own, Santiago believes many homeowners still see value in having some professional guidance along the way.  “Our experienced team of pond builders can help our customers build the pond of their dreams while avoiding many common pond building mistakes.”

Cal Ponds offers a wide selection of onsite services to residential pond owners at prices to fit within virtually any budget.  “No job is too big or two small,” says Santiago.  “Our friendly team can complete any services required for everything from small backyard patio ponds all the way up to large, man-made lakes.” Already among the industry leaders when it comes to Koi pond filtration, Cal Ponds also offers pond consultation services designed to help their customers achieve the highest water quality possible.  “Achieving healthy water is absolutely essential to avoiding common illnesses and parasite outbreaks affecting Koi fish.”

Available Southern California pond services offered by Cal Ponds include the following:

Customers residing in the Southern California area are welcome to purchase these services direct from the website.  Customers who purchase these onsite services online will be contacted by phone to schedule their initial onsite visit at their convenience.  To minimize costs for customers, non-emergency onsite service visits are generally scheduled a minimum of 5 days in advance.  “This service window ensures we have ample time to arrive onsite with replacement components and other materials required to complete the job,” says Santiago.  “For customers requiring immediate onsite assistance, we also offer emergency services for an additional fee.”  Emergency services are subject to a 72 hour service window, but Cal Ponds can also offer same-day service on many occasions to deal with unexpected emergencies.  Onsite pond services are available throughout Southern California’s Inland Empire.

One of the fastest growing nationwide companies in the pond and water garden industry, Cal Ponds takes pride in maintaining the highest possible customer service standards.  Customers interested in onsite pond services are encouraged to contact Cal Ponds via their website at or via phone at (760) 951-7776.

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You may learn more about the professional onsite pond services offered by California Ponds and Water Gardens and purchase your initial onsite pond consultation via their e-commerce website at  Customers area also welcome to purchase these services via phone at (760) 951-7776 during normal business hours.

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Cal Ponds Announces Launch of Hakko Air Pumps Website

VICTORVILLE, CALIFORNIA – Cal Ponds, one of North America’s leading pond and water garden supply retailers and EBD Shops, a leading e-commerce venture management company, announce launch of a new e-commerce website dedicated exclusively to Hakko Air Pumps.

Hakko Air Pumps at Cal Ponds

Cal Ponds announces new website dedicated to Hakko Air Pumps

  “Hakko Air Pumps have ranked as our number one selling aerator pumps for quite some time,” says Daniel Augsburger, Product Support Specialist for Cal Ponds.  “And this new Hakko Pumpwebsite will allow us to continue promoting awareness of this quality product offering to our growing customer base in the years ahead.”

Hakko Air Pumps are manufactured by Matala USA, a leading manufacturer of quality pond and water garden products headquartered in Laguna Beach, CA.  “Large Koi fish require significantly higher amounts of oxygen than do smaller fish,” states Augsburger.  “And Hakko Air Pumps provide a quality, affordable solution to this issue for many of our customers.”  Matala USA is also well known throughout the pond and water garden industry as the manufacturer of Matala Filter Media, a leading bio media commonly used in a variety of pond filtration systems.

In addition to ensuring adequate aeration during the heat of summer, many customers in colder climates also use Hakko Air Pumps in their ponds during the winter to prevent the water surface of their ponds from freezing.  “Allowing your pond surface to freeze entirely during the winter is dangerous,” says Augsburger.  “Without a hole in the ice, dangerous gases can build up in a pond and water quality can deteriorate rapidly.”  Poor water quality is leading cause of illnesses occurring in Koi fish and if left untreated, can ultimately end in fish death.

Hakko Air Pumps are covered by a three year limited warranty and available in a variety of sizes to suit small water gardens all the way up to large swimming pool sized Koi ponds up to 15,000 gallons.   “Our customers love the whisper quiet operation offered by Hakko,” states Augsburger.  “The Hakko line is also one of the most energy efficient air pumps available on the market today.”  In addition to their use in outdoor ponds and water features, Hakko Air Pumps are also commonly used in aquariums, septic tanks, and a wide variety of aquaculture applications.  “Hakko Aerators are quite versatile,” Augsburger says.  “Which is another reason why we have a difficult time keeping sufficient units in stock.”

Customers interested learning more about Hakko Air Pumps or purchasing a Hakko for their pond or water garden are encouraged to visit the new Hakko Air Pumps website at


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Learn more about Cal Ponds by visiting their website at or make an appointment to visit their retail showroom in Victorville, CA by calling (760) 951-7776.

About Cal Ponds

Cal Ponds is a leading pond and water garden supply retailer committed to providing exceptional customer service.  Specializing in pond filtration solutions, Cal Ponds offers free pond design assistance and discount pond and water garden products to customers worldwide.

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Cal Ponds Announces Special on Laguna Pond Products

VICTORVILLE, CALIFORNIA – Leading California-based pond and water garden supply retailer, Cal Ponds announces special bonus promotion on Laguna pond products.  “The Laguna brand has earned a reputation for providing quality products that are designed to provide years of dependable use,” says Gabriela Santiago, Operations Manager for Cal Ponds.  As one of very few authorized Elite Laguna Retailers in North America, Cal Ponds is currently offering exclusive free bonus items with the purchase of select Laguna pond and water garden products.  “We racked our brains trying to find a way to offer our customers a special deal on Laguna products that none of our competitors could match,” says Santiago, “and we believe this special promotion accomplishes this goal.”

Laguna ClearFlo Pump and Filter Kit

Cal Ponds is offering exclusive bonus items with selected Laguna pond products.

Laguna Max-Flo Pumps have consistently ranked among the top selling products in the USA pond and water garden supply market for several years.  “We have a difficult time keeping Max-Flo Pumps in stock during the spring and summer months,” Santiago states.  Newly released in time for the 2013 pond season, Next Generation Laguna Max-Flo Pumps are expected to raise interest in the Max-Flo Pump line to even greater heights in the future.  “Next Generation Max-Flo Pumps offer superior performance, higher flow rates, and even better energy efficiency than the original,” states Santiago.

In addition to offering free shipping within the contiguous USA on all Next Generation Laguna Max-Flo Pumps, Cal Ponds is also offering two special bonus items with the purchase of any Laguna Max-Flo Pump.  While supplies last, Cal Ponds will be also be including Laguna Fish Treats and Laguna Algae Remover – a combined thirty dollar value — free of charge with all Laguna Max-Flo orders.  “We leveraged our direct buying relationship with Laguna and challenged them to give us an opportunity to present a truly unbeatable deal to our customers, and Laguna delivered.”  Cal Ponds is offering exclusive bonus offerings with other Laguna pond and water garden products as well.

Laguna ClearFlo Pump and Filter Kits are also among the best-selling Laguna products on the market today.  These all-in-one systems include a Laguna Max-Flo Pump and Laguna Pressure-Flo Filter in one convenient, economical package. “Laguna ClearFlo Kits have been a big hit among our customers and do exceptionally well in water gardens as well,” says Santiago.  Laguna Pressure-Flo Filters are submersible pressurized filters designed for Koi ponds and water gardens up to 3,000 gallons.  “We have a lot of customers who come to us before building their very first pond,” states Santiago.  “And Laguna ClearFlo Kits are extremely simple to install and provide exceptional value.”

One of the many value-added features of Laguna Pressure-Flo Filters is an integrated UV clarifier, which is designed to help ensure clear, healthy water.  “Many new ponds experience green water,” says Santiago.  “And adding a Laguna Pressure-Flo with built-in ultraviolet sterilizer effectively solves this problem.”  Laguna also offers a line of in-line UV sterilizers, which are also big sellers among pond and water garden enthusiasts.  “Laguna UV Clarifiers offer superior performance to competitor UV systems on the market at a significantly lower price point,” says Santiago.

As part of this special promotion, Cal Ponds is offering a free replacement UV lamp and free Laguna Fish Treats with the purchase of any Laguna ClearFlo Pump and Filter Kit or Laguna Pressure-Flo Filter.  “These free bonus items have a value of over fifty dollars,” says Santiago.  Laguna Fish Treats and Laguna Algae Remover are also included free of charge with the purchase of any Laguna UV Sterilizer.  “This deal on Laguna products is truly the best anywhere,” Santiago states.  “We are confident this deal cannot be matched, let alone beat by any of our online competitors.”  Cal Ponds is also offering special bonus items for all Laguna product orders exceeding one hundred dollars.  Additional details and restrictions regarding this special Laguna promotion are available on the official Cal Ponds website.

Some of the most popular Laguna pond products included in this special bonus promotion are listed below:

  1. Laguna Max-Flo Pumps
  2. Laguna Pressure-Flo Filters
  3. Laguna ClearFlo Pump and Filter Kits
  4. Laguna UV Sterilizers
  5. Laguna Power Heat De-Icers
  6. Laguna PowerJet Fountain Kits
  7. Laguna Winterizing Kits

“As one of the leading nationwide retailers for Laguna pond products,” Santiago says, “it is our commitment to provide the highest possible levels of value and service to our growing customer base.”

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Learn more about Cal Ponds by visiting their website at or make an appointment to visit their retail showroom in Victorville, CA by calling (760) 951-7776.

About Cal Ponds

Cal Ponds is a leading pond and water garden supply retailer committed to providing exceptional customer service.  Specializing in pond filtration solutions, Cal Ponds offers free pond design assistance and discount pond and water garden products to customers worldwide.

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